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back in black lyrics

A little intro for Back in black lyrics- here we go . AC/DC’s famous hard rock song “Back in Black” is a classic hard rock tune. It was released as the title tune to their 1980 album “Back in Black.” The song begins with a simple but memorable guitar riff and features lead singer Brian Johnson’s powerful voice. “Back in Black” is widely regarded as one of AC/DC’s hallmark songs, having become a fixture at sporting events and in popular culture. The lyrics are about both mourning and celebrating the death of the band’s previous frontman Bon Scott. The song is noted musically for its fast beat, strong guitar riffs, and unforgettable chorus.

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Back in Black Lyrics Meaning

Back in black lyrics refers to someone who has recovered from a tough or traumatic experience and is ready to face the world once more. It refers to the band’s comeback following the terrible death of their lead vocalist, Bon Scott, and their drive to achieve despite their loss. The lyrics also express a spirit of resistance and rebellion, with the band refusing to be shackled by their detractors or the difficulties they experienced. The song has become a rock anthem and is regarded as one of AC/DC’s finest songs.

Back in Black Lyrics - Full Lyrics

Back in blackI hit the sackI’ve been too long, I’m glad to be backYes, I’m let looseFrom the nooseThat’s kept me hanging aboutI’ve been looking at the sky‘Cause it’s gettin’ me highForget the hearse ’cause I never dieI got nine livesCat’s eyesAbusin’ every one of them and running wild
‘Cause I’m backYes, I’m backWell, I’m backYes, I’m backWell, I’m back, backWell, I’m back in blackYes, I’m back in black
Back in the backOf a CadillacNumber one with a bullet, I’m a power packYes, I’m in a bangWith a gangThey’ve got to catch me if they want me to hang‘Cause I’m back on the trackAnd I’m beatin’ the flackNobody’s gonna get me on another rapSo look at me nowI’m just makin’ my playDon’t try to push your luck, just get out of my way
‘Cause I’m backYes, I’m backWell, I’m backYes, I’m backWell, I’m back, backWell, I’m back in blackYes, I’m back in black
Well, I’m back, yes, I’m backWell, I’m back, yes, I’m backWell, I’m back, backWell, I’m back in blackYes, I’m back in black
Oh, yeahOh, yeahTake my loveOh, yeah, yeahOh, yeah, yeah, ooh, yeahWell, I’m back (I’m back)Back (I’m back)Back (I’m back)Back (I’m back)Back (I’m back)BackBack in blackYes, I’m back in blackI’ve hit the sack

Back in Black Lyrics - Video

Is Back in Black lyrics a tribute song?

AC/DC’s “Back in Black lyrics” is a song by the Australian rock band. It was released by Atlantic Records in 1980 as the second US single from their seventh album of the same name. The initial guitar riff is memorable. The song was written in memory of their former lead singer, Bon Scott, who died in February 1980.

Here are some of AC/DC's most famous and popular hit songs:

Here are some of AC/DC’s most famous and popular hit songs:

1. Back in Black
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3. Thunderstruck
4. Hells Bells
5. You Shook Me All Night Long
6. T.N.T.
7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
8. Whole Lotta Rosie
9. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
10. Shoot to Thrill
11. Jailbreak
12. It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)
13. Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
14. Let There Be Rock
15. Who Made Who

There are many other great songs in AC/DC’s catalogue, but these are some of their most well-known and beloved hits.

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